Technical Sprint

Here are some of the things we typically address and improve during a technical sprint:

  1. Rename images appropriately to make it easier to organize and locate them on the website.
  2. Set alt tags for all images in the asset library/CMS to enhance accessibility for visually impaired users and improve SEO.
  3. Include Meta Titles and Descriptions on all pages to improve search engine ranking and provide concise description of the pages content.
  4. Optimise all assets correctly to reduce page loading time and enhance the user experience.
  5. Eagerly load all above-the-fold images to reduce page loading time and increase user engagement.
  6. Set Width and Height for all images to improve page layout, page speed, accessibility, and SEO.
  7. Add Open Graph images on every page to enhance the appearance of shared links on social media.
  8. Provide descriptive information for all external links to improve the user experience and provide context for the linked content.
  9. Fix all duplicate h1s throughout the website to improve the website's structure and SEO.
  10. Organize all headings in a correct and logical ordering to improve website structure and accessibility.
  11. Optimize all fonts to reduce page loading time and enhance the user experience.
  12. Use the correct Semantic HTML tag for all divs to improve website accessibility and SEO.
  13. Set a canonical tag for all pages to improve the website's search engine ranking and prevent duplicate content issues.